Metro Station - Fall '99 - The Big Move! - O Scale

Jackson Society of Model Engineers
08-99Mvc-003s 08-99Mvc-004s 11-10-Mvc-002s 11-10-Mvc-004s 11-10-Mvc-005s
11-10-Mvc-006s 11-16-Mvc-001s 11-16-Mvc-003s 11-16-Mvc-006s 11-16-Mvc-007s
11-16-Mvc-009s 11-16-Mvc-010s 11-16-Mvc-011s 11-16-Mvc-012s crossroads
front1 front2 front3 front4 looking from front to back
New Christmas Village power-phase2-22 power-phase2-23 power-phase2-24 power-phase2-25
power-phase2-26 ravine right side right side2 right side3
sawmill top view top view from the back