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Jackson Station - Museum Exhibit
c/o Ms Agricultural & Forestry Museum
1150 Lakeland Drive
Jackson, MS 39215
Ph. 601-713-3365

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Monday - Saturday
9am to 5pm

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Metro Station Layout Tour
1996-2004 - Metrocenter Mall, Jackson, MS

At Metro Station, you will find multiple operating scales of model trains. The design of the layout allows each scale's display area to transition smoothly to the next.

Click here for the History and Timeline of Metro Station.

Take a tour of each scale by clicking one of the titles below.

O Scale View O Layout Design

Gallery of Images
1996 - 1997
Winter '98
Spring '99
Fall '99 (The Big Move!)
Winter '99
Summer '00

The O scale is popularly known by the Lionel name, but is also manufactured by K-Line, Weaver, Mike's Train House and more. This scale dominates the central platform of the layout room and also provides the most noise! The layout features 600 feet (2 football fields in length!) of the distinctive 3-rail "Phantom" track.

HO Scale Gallery of Images
1996 - 1997
Winter '98
Spring '99
Fall '99 (The Big Move!)
Winter '99
Summer '00
HO scale is popular with children and adults alike. Its size allows for realistic operation and landscaping. The HO layout is over 80 feet long.

N Scale Gallery of Images
1996 - 1997
Winter '98
Fall '99 (The Big Move!)
Winter '99
Summer '00
The smallest of the scales represented on the layout, its size does not prevent the N scale display from having highly realistic detail. JSME has constructed a replica of the historic Jackson, MS rail system, known as the Avery Loop. This layout is over 80 feet long.

About Metro Station
The premier project of the Jackson Society of Model Engineers (JSME) from 1996 to 2004 has been Metro Station, a model train exhibit designed to bring joy to thousands of children each holiday season.

Built and staffed entirely with volunteers, Metro Station was open to the public during the Christmas season. From November through January, thousands of holiday shoppers and dozens of school and day care groups visit the layout.

This project was a benefit to the Mississippi Children's Home Society. Over $80,000 was raised.


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